Hi there, I'm Alberto Fortes,

a Front-End developer building cool websites and apps as contractor for Avallain and Warner Music Spain.

Front-End / UI developer with more than 15 years of experience. Expertise with CSS, JavaScript, React, GatsbyJS, JamStack, Headless WordPress and theme developing from scratch…


Brands I've been working as freelance, full-time or as contractor

Portfolio Some old and new work without NDA

More than 14 years coding as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP expert that can help you to code the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript of your project. I have my own team to help me when the work requires it.

From 2006 I've been working as freelance front-end developer helping important brands to achieve their projects on time. Working with their own teams or other external agencies to provide expertise view in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Gatsby, WordPress, Headless CMS, Progressive Web Applications, Load optimization, Accessibility, Usability and other related skills.

My rate starts at 40€/hour with long time collaborations increasing rate with short term works. Currently I'm working as UI Engineer expert at Avallain, anyway, I'm always open to discussing new opportunities for full time work or freelance clients. Write me a line to alberto [at] fortesand.co, maybe me or my colleagues have some time.

I like to do things right, to work with professional people but most important is to be a friendly person, so for me, like good Andalusian spaniard, I like the cordiality and fellowship.

My specialty is web design and front-end development, I work with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Sketch App and I turn pixels into semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Take a look to mu uses page to now more about what I use for working.

2006 - 2021 Alberto Fortes. Coded with React JavaScript, GatsbyJS, HTML5, CSS / SASS, Grunt. | Cookies