Hola, I'm Alberto Fortes,

Front-end senior developer from 2006, UX/UI Engineer, working in remote, globally with companies, startups and agencies.

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How to build a basic blog with Gatsby and ReactJS

Basic guide to do a basic blog and a statical home page with GatsbyJS + ReactJS components.

May 12th 2019
Gatsby is an open source framework on ReactJS that helps us build fast and high performant websites. Is ideal to build static pages able to reach 100% page Lighthouse tests. Is a real alternative to WordPress when we don't need a easy to use admin…

Hello World!

This is my very first post in my brand new React based (Gatsby) blog!

May 8th 2019
This is my very first blog page in Gatsby. alt text

Code block highlights for Gatsby ReactJS blogs

Syntax highlighting to the code blocks

May 8th 2019
If you are using Gatsby as static website or blog, porbably you are a developer. In that case, you will need code syntax highlightings to the code blocks. As usual Gatsby provide us a easy way to achieve it into oir markdown.Run the next command:npm…